I haven't been designing quite as long as I have been taking pictures, but I've come a long way in a short time, and have a lot of fun experimenting with new applications while developing new skills.

Design 2

Graphic Design 2 coursework from UW Stout. Fall 2010

Design 1

These are coursework from my Graphic Design 1 class. Spring 2010

Coma Cluster (Album)

This design was done for Bill Eager's latest CD, Coma Cluster. The album follows the story of a character named Sprout Silver, so I designed the album to be like a book. In the story, Sprout goes further from Earth with each song and eventually ends up in a black hole. To bring the story to life in my pages, I slowly fade the pages to black. You can listen to Coma Cluster in its entirety here.


I learned Adobe Illustrator specifically for this project, and it was really easy to pick up after all my years with Photoshop. I was required to design a set of five t-shirts with a general theme. I chose to do the seasons, and link the designs together by repetition of the string-like objects. After the project was finished, I submitted them to a company named Threadless. My account at this company can be seen here.


This section is for other various design-related things.

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